Will Fructose and Fruit Juice Gives You Diabetes?

Many people who follow the “Paleo diet” are anti-fruit. They claim that the fructose found in fruit is no different from Gatorade. They don’t really prove this claim. As with many things related to diet, fructose is treated as evil as a matter of dogma.

As we explained in this post, “Does Fructose Make You Fat,” high fruit juice consumption is associated with all sorts of positive health factors. Science does not support the dogma.

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I used to be paranoid about fruit and didn’t eat it. Then I used a little common sense. “Where are all the fat people eating fruit,” I wondered?

Seriously. Show me all of the fat fruit eaters. Where are the bodies?

Over the past several months I’ve been eating at least 5 servings of fruit each day. Most days I eat 7-10 servings.  Last night, for example, I had a mono meal of 10 bananas. 

Anyhow, I wanted to do an experiment. I got my fasting blood glucose measured while on a low-carb, Paleo-style diet.

A fasting blood glucose test measures your blood sugar level on an empty stomach. Lower is better. (WebMD has a lengthier explanation here.)

My fasting blood glucose while on a low-carb diet…82.

My fast blood glucose after drinking massive amounts of fruit juice and eating several servings of high-fructose fruit, including “nature’s desserts” like bananas and dates…82.

I even – gasp! – mix fructose with fat. This banana walnut ice cream is enough to make a Paleo cult follower grasp for his heart.

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Don’t believe the anti-fructose hype.


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